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Tina Bohlman — Landscape watercolor artist.

Martin Delabano — Sculpture, Collage and Painting
Represented by HCG Gallery

Misty Oliver Foster — Contemporary artist working in acrylic and mixed media.

Heather Gorham — Contemporary Art
Represented by Craighead-Green Gallery

Kyle Hobratschk — Realist artist with an emphasis on form and color. Kyle works in watercolor, oil, pen and ink, and intaglio printing.

Brenda Howell — Western Art

Alison Jardine — Color and movement are the two key elements in my oil paintings, and I compose these into what I call my 'natural abstractions'; the color embodies emotions and perception, and the movement relates to the human body, an expression of physicality and energy. The tree motif that I frequently use has roots in Jungian psychology, and depicts inner landscapes.
Facebook: alisonjardine
Twitter: @alisonjardine

Ya La'ford — Contemporary artist working with organic and geometric patterns.
Twitter: @yalaford

JD Miller — Contemporary artist JD Miller combines painterly chromatic expression with a sculptor's physical application of paint to create multi-dimensional images on canvas. The result is an emotional explosion of 3-D sculptural oils, rich in light, form and color, which create a unique mood and signature ambiance.
Represented by Samuel Lynne Galleries

Laura Moore — Ms. Moore does here own contemporary works and also exhibits works by other local artists.

Jill Nonnemacher — Contemporary figurative painter with a playful style using a wildly vibrant color palette. Represented by The Cameron Gallery.

John Palmer — Contemporary self-taught artist working in paint and sculpture.

Robin Ragin — Contemporary artist working with abstracts, animals and landscapes. Large and small scale assemblage.

Michael Roman — Michael specializes in drawing, painting and printing specialising in portraits. Michael is currently learning printmaking dry point, etching and aqua tint at Southern Methodist University.

Philip J Romano — Restaurateur, investor, humanitarian, author and now artist Philip J. Romano knows a thing or two about creation. He has created six new restaurant concepts: Fuddruckers, Romano's Macaroni Grill, Spageddies, Cozymel's, Rudy's Country Store and BBQ and eatZi's Market & Bakery. His concepts have generated more than a billion dollars a year and to date has generated over $10 billion in revenue.
Represented by Samuel Lynne Galleries

Susan Rudat — Freelance graphic designer & illustrator in the Hill Country region of Texas. Online store at

Kasten Searles — Contemporary and portrait painting.
Twitter: @StudioKasten

THH70 — Cutting edge grafitti art.

Ryan Vojir — Ryan Vojir earned a MID from Georgia Tech and a B.S. in design from the Ohio State University. As a contemporary impressionist, he captures a wide variety of modern cityscapes and urban events in oil from cities across the U.S. and the World.

Melissa Windham — Contemporary painting in acrylic.